Foreword The catalogue – the directory of plate and print errors of stamps of the USSR, let out by authors, includes most изветные versions of marks of the period 1961 – 1991. The catalogue is written in Russian and English languages. The basic content of the catalogue are the versions of the stamps which have turned out to have various defects of the printing plate. We count various breakages of details of drawing of a cliché, in some cases deterioration of a cliché, major or minor defects of a cliché, and as sticking of clots of a typographical paint, to describe only some of them. All it leads to some changes of drawing of mark, occurrence of additional stains or various ringlets. All versions included in the catalogue are regular, i.e. have repeatability on a certain place of a sheet in a bigger or smaller part of circulation. The colour illustrations in the catalogue show different errors of marks like shift of the print, the double print, the admission of the print of some paints (a paper bend also are resulted at printing) and because of errors at punching of marks (punching shift, the punching admission). All marks are designated by number under catalogue ЦФА, number under the catalogue of Michel and gives the reduced name of mark. In the catalogue guiding prices in EUR are specified, they can differ from the prices in various regions. Undoubtedly, in the present catalogue are included not all known to collectors versions/errors and authors have a considerable quantity of marks with versions on which it is necessary to inspect repeatability. Therefore authors plan to update the catalogue every 1-2 years based on their own research and information got from the collectors world wide. Authors also are very happy to discussion various additions, specifications and correction of possible known and unknown errors. Do not hesitate to contact the authors via e-mail: